Attorney Profile

Attorney Steven Kim is a zealous advocate for his clients. As the principal attorney of the Law Office of Steven S. Kim, Attorney Kim takes great pride in the top reputation he has garnered in the greater Boston legal community for his direct, even handed, honest, and no nonsense approach to tackling the multitude of legal challenges that his clients have faced. He has been previously recognized by industry publications such as Super Lawyers and has a perfect 10 rating on Avvo (a lawyer rating site).

Attorney Steven Kim is a graduate of Boston College Law School.

Mr. Kim is a former local prosecutor. He is also a former military officer and military defense attorney (Judge Advocate), a graduate of the United States Army Judge Advocate General's Legal Center and School. Mr. Kim is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan.

Steven Kim began his legal career after law school with a prestigious clerkship with the Trial Court system in Massachusetts. As a Law Clerk to the Justices of the Superior Court of Massachusetts, some of the brightest and seasoned trial judges, Attorney Kim was able to form the foundation of his legal research and writing skills and learned to craft legal arguments and persuade judges and opposing lawyers effectively from his direct experiences working with the very judges who preside over the courtrooms of Massachusetts.

Upon completing his clerkship, Mr. Kim became a trial lawyer as an Assistant District Attorney for the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office in Boston. As a prosecutor in the busy urban courts within Suffolk County, Mr. Kim honed his skills as a courtroom lawyer and gained familiarity with the nuances of the different courts necessary to be a confident, and seasoned trial lawyer who does not fear taking a case to trial in any court in Massachusetts.

Attorney Kim's formal legal education and early career progression allowed him to develop as a litigator known not just for his effective research and written motion advocacy, but also as a formidable trial lawyer who can instinctually read the pulse of a jury. Over the last two decades as an attorney, Mr. Kim has evolved into a complete trial lawyer, in both the criminal and civil context.

He has successfully prosecuted and defended hundreds of criminal cases that run the full spectrum of seriousness ranging from petty theft and shoplifting to more serious charges like assault and battery and drunk driving/operating under the influence of liquor, to very serious crimes of violence and sexual assault, drug crimes, human trafficking and even complex "paper crimes" and "white collar" offenses such as fraud, identity fraud, conspiracy and larceny offenses.

He has also successfully brought cases on behalf of individuals who have suffered violations of constitutional civil rights at the hands of law enforcement and corrections officers. He regularly practices in all of the courts throughout the Commonwealth, in both Federal and State Courts (including the Superior Courts and the District Courts and the Boston Municipal Courts).

Attorney Kim has represented clients in civil trial and litigation matters such as contract disputes, claims of fraud, unjust enrichment, consumer protection violations, personal injury, and other disputes involving large sums of money. He has successfully obtained many favorable negotiated settlements in serious bodily injury cases and business disputes. He has tried to verdict several complex civil cases.

Aside from the assurance that you're in capable hands by the reflection of his resume of cases and prior experiences handling difficult actions and transactions, trusting your legal needs to the Law Office of Steven S. Kim will mean that you are engaging an attorney and a legal team that is dedicated to the often touted, but very seldom delivered promise that you will be represented by and associated with honest and good people who have your best interests in mind, an attorney who still believes in the bond of his word and the seal of a handshake.