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At the Law Office of Steven S. Kim, we are first and foremost, experts in criminal defense. We represent individuals who face criminal prosecution in all courts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in both District and Superior Courts on the state level, as well as the Federal District Courts of Massachusetts. Attorney Kim has a stellar reputation for being one of the top criminal defense attorneys by providing the utmost professional and zealous representation to his clients who face prosecution.

A criminal conviction can have devastating lasting consequences. People's professional and social standings can be forever ruined by mere accusations. When protecting your future is the most paramount concern, turn to the seasoned, experienced fighter with a proven track record of successfully navigating the most sensitive matters to favorable resolutions.

Steven Kim is a seasoned courtroom trial lawyer having defended over a thousand cases successfully throughout Massachusetts. He is a former Assistant District Attorney in Boston, as well as a former military defense attorney, with a combined personal expertise in trying cases both as a prosecutor and as a criminal defense lawyer.

Top Criminal Defense Attorney in Brookline, Brighton, Greater Boston and Cambridge, MA

Call Boston's Zealous Criminal Defense Lawyer to Protect Your Future

Whether you've been charged with a drunk driving matter, or drug charges, or domestic violence, or assault and battery, or some other serious charge, you'll receive the strongest effective representation from the Law Office of Steven S. Kim. We've worked hard to earn a reputation in Brighton, Brookline and greater Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts for providing the most trusted and and zealous defense and one-on-one assistance to every client.

We'll explore the facts in your felony or misdemeanor case to build a credible criminal defense and protect everything you have worked so hard to achieve. Don't let one mistake define the rest of your life. Get the legal assistance you've been looking for from the best criminal defense law firm. Schedule an appointment right away by calling 617-879-9979.

The Law Office of Steven S. Kim is the criminal defense law firm to trust for legal assistance with charges involving:

  • DUI/OUI (Operating Under the Influence of Liquor or Drugs)
  • Domestic Violence allegations
  • Larceny offenses
  • Assault and Battery and all other crimes of violence
  • Possession of Drugs
  • Possession with Intent to Distribute and Distribution of Drugs
  • Manufacturing of Drugs and Trafficking
  • Human Trafficking and Prostitution offenses
  • Indecent Exposure and Open and Gross/Lewd and Lascivious Conduct
  • Sex Crimes, including Rape and other Sexual Assaults

We'll make sure you're fully informed about your case and answer all your questions. Call the Law Office of Steven S. Kim in Brighton, Massachusetts when you need to hire a criminal defense attorney.